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S-N song (Snore, Sniff and Sneeze)

Like a rooster loves a hen
Like a lion loves his den
Like Barbie loves Ken
I love to do things that begin with S-N
For example . . .

I love to sneeze (a-choo)
Pardon me please (a-choo)
I like to sniffle
It really feels nice
One handkerchief'll
Just never suffice
But brother watch out for the breeze
When I sneeze (a-choo, a-choo, a-choo)

I love to sniff (sniff)
Just take a whiff (sniff)
I also like snarling
It feels good to me
Snarling is darling
I'm sure you'll agree
But I'm even happier if
I can sniff, (sniff)
and sneeze (a-choo)

I love to snore (snore)
It's more like a roar (snore)
I like to snooze
I like resting my head
I take off my shoes
And I snuggle in bed
Sometimes I just lie on the floor
And snore, (snore)
And sniff, (sniff)
And sneeze (a-choo, a-choo, a-choo)

Sometimes I just like to snicker, tee-hee
Or snub any snob who is snotty to me
And whenever I have a few moments to spend
I can snoop on a neighbor or snitch on a friend!
But much more than any of these
I love to snore and to sniff and to sneeze
(snore, sniff, a-choo)
(snore, sniff, a-choo)
(snore, sniff, a-choo)
(snore, sniff, a-choo)

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