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Ultimate dog tease

[Owner] Food, you know, I just couldnt stop thinking about it.

[Ultimate Dog] Yea.

[Owner] So,

[Ultimate Dog] yea.

[Owner] So, you know, I went to the fridge and I opened up the meat drawer. You know what the meat drawer is, right?

[Ultimate Dog] Yea. What was in there?

[Owner] Well, Ill tell you what was in there. You know that bacon thats like maple? Its got maple flavor.

[Ultimate Dog] The maple kind, yea.

[Owner] Yea, so.

[Ultimate Dog] Yea?

[Owner] I took that out and I thought

[Ultimate Dog] Yea?

[Owner] I know who would like that Me! So I ate it.

[Ultimate Dog] Aaaaw, no! Youre kidding me.

[Owner] Nope! Im not kidding. You know, I also noticed there was some beef in there.

[Owner] Yea, You know, a steak, you know, juicy. Well, I ate that too.

[Ultimate Dog] Aaaaw-ho-ho.

[Owner] But I went back to the fridge just a few minutes ago, and I put something together really special, youre gonna love this one. I took some chicken

[Ultimate Dog] Yea?

[Owner] I put some,

[Ultimate Dog] yea,

[Owner] I put some cheese on it, and I covered it with

[Ultimate Dog] Covered it with what?

[Owner] I covered it with cat treats.

[Ultimate Dog] Yea?

[Owner] Then, guess what.

[Ultimate Dog] What?

[Owner] I gave it to the cat.

[Ultimate Dog] Aaaaugh! ho ho- ho.

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