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Open University

You know, some of the funniest things that ever happen here in TV never actually make it to our screens. I'm talking about the out-takes or mistakes that we here in television land get so embarrassed about. Here's one of my all-time favourites. It's a great blooper and it was recorded for an edition of Open University way back in 1973.

As we can see, if we increase
the non-reflexive integers in the equation
by a quantity denoted by D5,
the parallel quantities D 3 and D 7
are inverted in the same direction,
giving us a resultant modular quantity
of 0.567359.
Now, this should begin to give us some clues
as to where the...

Sorry, Brian, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I've got to stop you there.

What? What's happened?

You said... You said 0.567359.

Oh, no, I didn't, did I?


It should be 0.567395.


I don't believe it. Oh, no!

F... hell!

Oh, Christ!

Oh, that was marvellous.
Oh, dear. Vic.


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