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Who told you you were naked?

Who told you you were naked?

I beg your pardon?

I was thinking,
"Who told you that you were naked?"

I think you may have lost me there, Arnold.

Well, do you remember that passage in Genesisi
where Adam explains to God
why he and Eve have covered themselves.

Yes, yes. If I remember that story right,
Adam says,
"We were naked and we were ashamed."

And God says...

"Who told you that you were naked?"

Glenn and I are having a conversation
about a passage in Genesis
which has been intriguing me rather.

Yes, it is fascinating, isn't it?
Anyway, tell me about
the size of your girlfriend's breasts.

Well, first of all, Glenn,
let's clear up this problem of why God
gave such a complex response to what is,
on the surface, a relatively simple question.

Not as simple though as,
"Are they very big, or only quite big?"

No, perhaps not that simple,
but still relatively simple.

Yes, yes. Simpler certainly than,
"Is she very exciting in bed?"

I think, Glenn,
that what God was saying is,
"How can nakedness mean anything to you?
How can that concept have any significance
unless you have eaten the fruit of the tree
whereof I said thou shouldst not eat?"

Yes. My bet is that
they really are quite substantially large.

Well, one thing at a time, Glenn.

Yes, yes, all right. Let's take the left one first.
How enormous would you say that is?

Glenn is having a little difficulty concentrating
on our Bible study readings
because he has something of an obsession
with the size of my girlfriend's breasts.

Well, I like to put it this way.
Arnold is having trouble concentrating
on our discussion
about the size of his girlfriend's breasts
because he is a little too interested
in analysing passages from The Bible.

We'll sort it out, don't you worry.

I think God...

So would you say a 48-cup, or bigger still?

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