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Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Tango.

- Madame...
Thought of a number of lines for this moment. "Thought I'd just drop in." "Hey, doll. Thanks for givin' me the shaft".
- Nice. So, what did you decide?
- I want a divorce.
- I like it. You proposed to me here, so it has agreeable symmetry.

- Coat, sir.
- May I sit?
- No.

- Champagne, sir?
- No. Champagne's for celebrating. I'll have a martini.
- I'm fine.
So, what do you want, John?
- We have an unusual problem, Jane. You obviously want me dead. And I'm less and less concerned of your well-being.
So, what do we do? Do we shoot it out here? Hope for the best?

- Mm. Well, that would be a shame... because they would probably ask me to leave once you're dead.

- Dance with me.
- You don't dance.
- Just part of my cover, sweetheart.
- Was sloth part of it too?

- You think this story's gonna have a happy ending?
- Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet.

- Satisfied?
- Not for years.
That's all John, sweetheart.

- Why is it you think we failed? Because we were leading separate lives? Or was it all the lying that did us in?
- I have a theory. Newly formed.
- I'm breathless to hear it.
- You killed us.
- Provocative.
- You approached our marriage like a job - something to be reckoned, planned and executed.
- And you avoided it.
- What do you care, if I was just a cover?
- Well, who said you were just a cover?
- Wasn't I?
- Well, wasn't I?

- I have to.. Excuse me.

- No exits up there, Jane.

Be cold, John.
She's a liar.
Be super cold.

- Do you know that you're ticking?

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