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Pride and Prejudice: Accomplished Women

I believe you will find Mr Bingley
is in the drawing room, ma'am.

Thank you.

Mr Darcy, come and advise me.
Mr Hurst carries all before him!



May I enquire after your sister, Miss Bennet?

Thank you. I believe she's a little better.

- I am very glad to hear it.

- Mr Hurst, I'm quite undone!

Should have played the deuce.

He's undone us all, Mr Darcy!

- Will you join us, Miss Bennet?

- I thank you, no.

You prefer reading to cards? Singular!

Miss Bennet despises cards. She's a great reader
and has no pleasure in anything else.

I deserve neither such praise nor such censure.
I am not a great reader
and take pleasure in many things.

And what do you do so secretly, sir?

It's no secret. I'm writing to my sister.

Dear Georgiana!I long to see her!
Is she much grown since the Spring?
Is she as tall as me?

She's now about Miss Elizabeth
Bennet's height, or a little taller.

And so accomplished! Her performance
at the pianoforte is exquisite!
Do you play, Miss Bennet?

Aye, but very ill indeed.

All young ladies are accomplished!
They sing, they draw, they dance,
speak French and German, cover screens,
and I know not what!

Not half a dozen would satisfy me
as accomplished.

Certainly! No woman
can be esteemed accomplished,
who does not also possess a certain
something in her air,
in the manner of walking, in the tone of her voice,
her address and expressions.

And to this she must yet add
something more substantial,
in the improvement of her mind
by extensive reading.

I'm no longer surprised at you knowing
only six accomplished women.
I wonder at your knowing any.

You're severe upon your sex,
Miss Bennet.

I must speak as I find.

Perhaps you haven't had the advantage
of moving in society enough.
There are many very accomplished young ladies
amongst our acquaintance.

Come, come! This is a fine
way to play cards! You're all light!

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