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Godfather III - Vincent Mancini vs the 2 hired killers

- Vincent?
- What do you want, sweetheart?
- Do you love me?
- Come on. Go to bed.
- Come on. Say it.
- Go to bed.
- No. Say it.
- I love you. I love you.
- I love you too. You got a cat?
- Go get us some water, would you? I'm thirsty. Come on.
- Well, i just guess i know my place. I can't believe i'm actually getting up to do this. "Get me water. Bake me a cake." What ever happened to "please"?
- Come on.

- Good boy, sockface. Let's go for a walk.

- Let her go!
- Fuck it. Cut her throat, man.
- What'd you say?
- I said, cut her fucking throat.
- Let her go.
- Drop your gun, or he'll cut her throat.
- I hardly know this broad. Go ahead and cut her. What the fuck do i care?
- You got no choice, man. This chick's gonna be dead.
- Hurt her, i'll kill you both. Give up that knife, i'll let you go.
- You cut her throat right now.
- 'll do something to convince you.
Don't get frightened. Don't do any sudden movements.
Just watch me, all right? Hear me?
- Yeah.

- Oh, shit!
- Drop the knife. Go ahead. Drop it!
Good boy. Sit down.
I want to talk to you. It's a wise choice. Sit down.
I want to talk to you. Lose the mask.
Relax. Have a smoke. You smoke?
Whose idea was this? Who sent you?
Come on. Tell me. Who sent you?
- No one.
- Take a good look at this guy?
- Yeah.
- So who sent you?
- It was Joey. Joey Zasa. No...

- You okay?
- You were going to let them kill me!
- I wasn't gonna let that happen.
- You pig! You sick fuck!
- Come on, sweetheart, that's gambling. You wanted gambling? That's gambling.
Call the police.
- You killed the other guy too?
- He went for my gun. It's self-defense, justifiable homicide. Go ahead. Call the police.

- Where are you going? Oh, no.
- I'm going to take pictures first.
- No pictures.

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