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Pretty Woman_final scene

- There you go. Thank you very much.

So, you got a lot of stuff
you gotta move in ?

No, Carlos burned most of my stuff
when I said I was movin' out.

[ Car Honking ]

[Music][Music] [ Soprano Solo
from La Traviata ]

[ Honking ]

[Music][Music] [ Continues ]

Vivian !

- [ Laughs ]
- Vivian.

Princess Vivian !
Come down !

- Had to be the top floor, right ?
- It's the best.

All right.
I'm coming up.

[ Moans ]

[ Laughing ]

So what happened after he climbed up
the tower and rescued her ?

She rescues him right back.

[ Man ] Welcome to Hollywood.
What's your dream ?

Everybody comes here.
This is Hollywood, the land of dreams.

Some dreams come true, some don't.
But keep on dreamin'.

This is Hollywood. Always time
to dream, so keep on dreaming'.

[Music] Pretty woman [Music]

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