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Meeting the arms dealer (from "Dead Man", film by Jim Jarmusch)

I n d i a n N o b o d y - White man's trading post. Indians get diseases there.

W i l l i a m B l a k e - What do you mean?

IN - Smallpox, consumption. Blankets are infected. It spreads through the villages. I see you have acquired a new weapon.

WB - Hmm? Oh, yes. A Winchester. Here. Take it.

IN - No.

WB - No, really. Take it. I took it off a dead white man.

IN - Did William Blake kill this white man?

WB - Yes. William Blake killed the white man.

IN - We need a canoe.

IN - Water.

WB (reads) - "The brutal murders of Charles Dickinson and fiancée, Thel Russell. Also the murders of the following territorial marshals, deputy, Big George Drakoulious, Benmont Tench and one Salvatore 'Sally' Jenko."

IN - It's not bad.

WB - Huh?

IN - It's not a bad illustration of you, William Blake.

WB - Well, I want you to have it. It's a present.

IN - Aho.

T h e S e l l e r - Good morning. May you serve the Lord, and may His holy dominion guide you through your dismal life. How can I be of assistance, my poor man? All our ammunition is guaranteed. This latest batch was, in fact, personally blessed by the archbishop of Detroit.

IN - Good morning.

WB - May our Lord Jesus Christ wash this earth with His holy light.. And purge its darkest places from heathens and philistines.

IN - The vision of Christ that thou dost see is my vision's greatest enemy. Do you have tobacco?

S - We sure don't.

IN - Aren't those tins of tobacco right there behind you?

S - Sure are, but those cans are empty. There's no tobacco in them. perhaps I could interest you in some beads... or possibly a blanket.

IN - Blanket.

S - Yes, my fine fellow. Ammunition.

WB - Uh, I'd like some tobacco, please.

S - Well, I may have one or two twists left. From my personal supply, you understand. For good friends only. … Good Lord. You're William Blake.

WB - Yes, I am.

S - By the grace of the Lord Almighty. Sir, would it be presumptuous of me to ask you for your autograph? please, kind sir. It would be a great honour. Pardon me.

WB - There's my autograph.

S - God damn your soul to the fires of hell.

WB - He already has.

IN - Hootka.

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