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The King's speech

- Never you mind.
Ahh..what a complicated lovely coon you are.
- I try to be.

- All that work, down the drain.
My own brother... I couldnt say.. I couldnt say a word in reply!
- Why do you stammer more with David than you do with me?
- Because youre bloody well paid to listen!
- Bertie, Im not a geisha girl.
- Stop trying to be so bloody clever!
- What is it about David that stops you speaking?
- What is it about you, that bloody makes want you to go on about it, all the time.
- Vulgar but fluent. You dont stammer when you swear.
- Bugger off!
- Is that the best you can do?
- Well, bloody bugger to you, you beastly bastard.
- A public school prig can do better than that.

- Shit. Shit, shit, shit! Shit!
- See how defecation flows trippingly from the tongue?
- Because Im angry!
- You Know the f-word?
- Fornication?
- Oh Bertie...
- Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Bugger, bugger, buggerdy bug.. fuck ass!
- Yes! You see! Not a hesitation!
- Bloody, bloody, bloody! Shit, shit, shit! Bugger, bugger, bugger! Fuck.. and

- Dad? Whats going on?
- Sorry. Finish your homework
- Well ..thats a side of you we dont get to see that often.
- No. No were not supposed to really, not publicly.
- Lets get some air.
- No Logue, I dont think thats a...
- Thats a good idea.

- Whats the matter? Whats got you so upset?
- Logue, you have no idea. My brother is infatuated with a woman whos been married twice. Shes asking for a divorce and David is determined to marry her.
- Jesus..
- Mrs Wallis Simpson of Baltimore.
- Thats not right. Queen Wallis of Baltimore?
- Unthinkable.
- Can he do that?
- Absolutely not. But hes going to anyway. All hells broken loose.
- Cant they carry on privately?
- If only they would.
- Where does that leave you?
- I know my place! Ill do anything... in my power to keep my brother on the throne.
- Is it that serious?.. Your place may be on the throne.
- I am not an alternative to my brother.
- If you had to you could outshine David...
- Dont take liberties!
- Thats bordering on treason. Im just saying you could be King. You could do it!
- That is treason!
- Im trying to get you to realise you need not be governed by fear.
- Ive had enough of this!
- Whatre you afraid of?
- Your poisonous words!
- Whyd you come to me? You are not some middle class bugger, who needs elocution lessons so you can chit-chat...
- Dont instruct me on my duties!
Im the son of a .... King... The brother of a king.
Youre the disappointing son of a brewer! A jumped-up jackeroo from the outback!
Youre nobody. These sessions are over!

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