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Becoming Jane- The Scene in Forest and Escapade

George, George.
Mr Wisley is... He's an honourable man.
You'll always have a place with me.
Miss Austen.
Mr Lefroy.
I believe I must congratulate you, Mr Lefroy.
And you've come to visit an old friend
at such a time. How considerate.
I have come
to offer an explanation, belatedly,
for my conduct. I cannot think how to describe it.
Tell me about your lady, Mr Lefroy.
From where does she come?
She's from County Wexford.
Your own country. Excellent.
What was it that won her?
Your manner, smiles and pleasing address?
No, no, not at all.
No, had I really experienced that emotion,
I should, at present, detest the very sight of him.
And you are mistaken.
I'm even impartial towards
the gloriously endowed Miss Wexford...
I cannot do this.
And so you would marry Wisley?
If there is a shred of truth
or justice inside of you,
- you cannot marry him.
- Oh no, Mr Lefroy.
Justice, by your own admission,
you know little of, truth even less.
Jane, I have tried.
I have tried and I cannot live this lie.
Can you?
Jane, can you?
What value will there be in life
if we are not together?
Run away with me.
An elopement?
That is exactly what I propose.
We'll post to London,
by Friday be in Scotland, and man and wife.
- Leave everything?
- Everything.
It is the only way we can be together.

Come. If we hurry,
we can still make the morning coach.
You are sure?
Be careful.
- Is it coming?
- Not yet.
Take my hand. All right?
Hurry. I can hear it approaching.
Here it is.
Two to London. We'll settle at first rest.
- Yes?
- Right you are, sir.
Hampshire, your home county.
It was.
Stuck. Everybody out,
ladies and gentlemen, please.
- We need to lighten the load.
- No, let me, let me.
I shall require you gentlemen
to give me a hand, put your shoulders into it.
Now, sir, if you can push on the coach itself.
Excuse me, sir. Young gentleman?
- Yes, yes.
- You on the other side, sir, thank you.
- Young gentleman, please come along.
- All right.
Mind helping us? Thank you.
Right, all together now then, sirs, please?
One, two,
and a three and push!
Come on.
"Dear Tom.
How timely was the arrival
of the money you sent. "
One, two and three!
"It was so very much appreciated
by your father and I.
You're so kind to share your uncle's allowance.
Indeed, I do not dare think
how we would survive without it. "
Well done. Thank you, sirs.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, back on
the coach as soon as you can, thank you.
We are ready.
- Worried?
- No.
- Is it the loss of your reputation?
- No.
The loss of yours.
- I do not...
- Please, sir, come along, the coach is departing.

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