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Leon - Swat shootout Scene

From here on out you don't make a sound.
You answer my questions by nodding yes or shaking your head no.

Is he alone?
Does he expect you?
Do you have keys to the apartment?
Is there a code a way of knocking so he knows it's you?

- Alpha team. Finalposition. We're ready to go.
- Be careful.

What up? Move! Fuck.

- Alpha team. Man down.
- I told you.

- Bring me everyone.
- What do you mean ""everyone""?.
- Everyone!

Take this. Go take a look.

- Don't move.
- Do you see anything?
- It's the guy. He's here. He's got a gun to my head.
- Nobody moves.

- Let the girl go.
- Take it easy man!
- Let the girl go!
- Okay the girl's comin' out.
Let the girl go.

- Grab the axe off the wall.
Over there. Go!
You're coming with us.

Christ he shot him!


- Shut the fucking water off!
- Got it.

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