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Переведите следующие предложения :
1) I rarely meet these people.
2) I never go to the cinema.
3) I read newspapers every morning.
4) My sisters always give me books to read.
5) They often go there.
6) They often come here.
7) We often meet these boys here.
8) I rarely take books in this library.
9) They often read English books.
10) They don't often meet their friends here.
11) I don't often read English newspapers.
12) I always sleep in this room.
13) Changes happen very quickly here.
14) I often write to my sister.
15) I brush my teeth every evening.
16) They play tennis every weekend.
17) We do not often copy out texts from this book.
18) You always put your umbrella in the wrong place.
19) I never eat fish.
20) They always dance the same style.
21) I know I bore you, but don't go.
22) I work at this office.
23) We usually have our English in the evening.
24) They often speak English in class.
25) We write sentences on the blackboard.
26) After my English, I go to the office.
27) I often do exercises at home.

















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