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Google Translate for Animals

IТm going to show you a new Android application thatТs been developed through our translation technology.
Our new app Ц Google Translate for Animals Ц translates animal speech into human vernacular. The handset records the animal sounds and then transmits them to our server where the speech recognition and translation engines analyze the neurobiological acoustics. The voice recognition software then checks itself against the millions of sounds in our animal linguistic database and produces a translation in plain English.

LetТs see how Google Translate for Animals works. I activate the translate app. As you can see, thereТs a large range of animals to choose from. I choose pig. Then, I make a recording. See here? It transcribes it, but if I push the speaker button, we can actually hear what Bella said. УNew person. Smells good.Ф ThatТs amazing!

LetТs find out whatТs on DonnaТs mind. УLove you.Ф Well... How about that!
To get Google Translate for Animals, go to Android Market and search Translate for Animals.

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