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Facebook: Unfriend Coal

Once upon a time there was a school, and at the school was a boy who was very clever, and his name was Mark Zuckerberg. He wanted to have friends. Mark Zuckerberg found the friends, but they were inside and he wasn’t. So Mark invented Facebook, which invented lots of friends for him, and everyone said ‘hooray!’ And then they all wanted his money,but he had 500 million friends on Facebook, so no one could bully him.

Facebook lives in a big box full of computers, and all the Facebook pictures and words and faces are kept inside it and the box is in Oregon. Facebook in the box eats a lot of special food called electricity.

A good way of making electricity is by letting cheeky clouds with lips blow windmills round and round, but silly Mark Zuckerberg chose dirty old coal. Coal is made from rotten dinosaur food, and when you burn it, it dirties the air which makes our world grow hotter and meltier and floodier.

But Mark Zuckerberg can still change his mind, and I know which one I would choose, and so do all his friends. If you let your friends down, you let yourself down, and with 500 million friends, it’s a long way down.

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